Comic 334 - The End
14th Jan 2020, 6:02 AM in Energy
The End
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Author Notes:
LynxGriffin edit delete
As this is a final comic, I want to give an extra-special big THANK YOU for these patrons for going the extra mile and supporting the comic through all this time! You'll never know how much you've helped me. THANK YOU FOREVER!!

- Quinn Schwartz - Rocket Surgeon - Tess Daniel - Rakov Aetherus - Pechenuh
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LynxGriffin edit delete
This is the end of The Skybox!
When I first started working on this comic almost seven years ago, I had no idea that it would go this far, and for so long. But I’m so glad that I decided to go on this journey!
Mostly, thank you guys so so SO SO MUCH for reading, commenting, sharing, Patreon-ing and everything else you’ve done for The Skybox! The outpouring of love from you guys has been absolutely incredible and overwhelming! You all have made such a huge difference in my life, and I’m so glad that I decided to take on this project when it basically started as “I want to tell a story about flying things!”
Finally, I also just want to say…if you’ve got something you want to make, a story you want to tell, please do it! Even if it’s just small, even if it takes you a long time and you have to start and stop many times, even if maybe no one but you seems to see it…please put that creative energy into the world. I promise you, the world will be a better place for it!
But also, and most importantly of all…make sure you take the time to rest, too. :)
User comments:
SuperEngie (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you so much!
Ermeta edit delete reply
I'm not a master of long and beautiful speeches, but...

Thank you for this wonderful story, Lynx!
I'm not likely to be able to leave this comic book so easily, so I will often re-read it.
You gave us a wonderful story, thank you for your patience!
You have inspired me to do many things and given me a reason to live.
I'm crying as I write this, so I'll finish it now.
All the best and thank you very much, Lynx!

Sincerely, Masha from the team of Skybox translators into Russian.
Lily (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you!
Sarah (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you so much, Lynxie!
Hope (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you for this wonderful story!
Sally (Guest) edit delete reply
OMG it's finally over! Thank you for this beautiful story you made for us!
Shira (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you for taking us on this journey.
Shivra (Guest) edit delete reply
What a long and beautiful journey! I'm glad I was able to follow this along for the past four years after discovering you. Thank you for telling us your story, indeed making the world a better place. This is a lovely way to see the crew interacting at the end of all things, and I hope only good for them in the future.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you
Devon (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you for the lovely comic! I know it got difficult for a while with the wrist, as you were juggling this, other personal projects, and work. Thank you for working so hard and giving us this wonderful story!
Marcel edit delete reply
I'm speechless, WOW!
DionysusCrisis (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you so much for this beautiful story! I've been following quietly along for years, eagerly checking for updates during my Tuesday morning coffee breaks. Your characters feel so grounded (ironically?) and believable, your style is engaging and expressive, even the unique format of this comic is perfectly suited to the narrative. You've brought great joy to many people, through this and all of your projects. Thank you for your dedication, your clever brain, and all of your beloved contributions to storytelling. Wow, even your final message of encouragement to other aspiring creators... Bless you. Take care of yourself, and I look forward to all the wonders I'm sure you'll continue to bring into the world.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you for the great story, Lynx!

I've been reading Skybox regularly for a bit over two years now. Always waited eagerly for a new update every Tuesday, always enjoying the story, characters and art. You've done a beautiful work, and you should feel proud of it.

Thanks for everything. I'm happy to see the story of Shanti and the siders get such a satisfying ending.
(and secretly hoping for extra stuff like small side stories maybe? :D)
Anon (Guest) edit delete reply
Thanks for the comic!
illus-a-duck (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you for a beautiful story!!! Good luck on your future endeavors!
Violet (Guest) edit delete reply
It's been said many times already, but thanks, Lynx. These updates made coming back from the weekend much more bearable. Now that it's over, I'm planning on re-reading it sometime :)
StarWaffle (Guest) edit delete reply
I have been following this comic for 5 years, I never commented much and kind of kept to myself but I was always super excited to see it every tuesday! Fantastic story and lovely work, its been a great read <3
Maria Ashby edit delete reply
Maria Ashby
Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful story!
I've really enjoyed reading it over the last few years, and it feels nice (if not a little sad) to see it come to an end.
We hope you get some well earned rest!
GhostRC (Guest) edit delete reply
thank you for this wonderful story that you shared I enjoyed it and I wish for more like it in the future... maybe an epilogue please?
hipp (Guest) edit delete reply
i never thought id leave a comment on this,even after two years of silently reading and not inputing much feedback,thank you.thank you so much for this amazing webcomic,it was freaking beautiful.
Tam lin (Guest) edit delete reply
I’m so going to miss this comic. It’s so good, and wonderfully full of emotion, and the way you storyboard the flying is just so amazing! I expect to be rereading it again soon, and by God I hope you get a deal to have this fully animated and voice acted so that I can convince my friends to see this story! May your life be joyful and may you always have sufficient wealth to cover your expenses and still have fun! <3
AS Katruk (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm so proud and inspired seeing this come to such a lovely and complete close. Lynx, you've done wonders with this story and your message is well and clear with it <3 Your turn for a rest, then! Well done!
Flavourius (Guest) edit delete reply
So... it's over now.

Still in the process of devouring that fact, but... just wow.

I'm getting sad thinking about my Tuesdays becoming boring again and nothing to look forward to, but I'm way more glad about you finishing a story that has been started 7 years ago. It was an amazing ride from beginning to finish, loved every single update and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

For that I cannot thank you enough for sharing such a wonderful comic to the internet, I really mean that.
Treascair (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you, Lynx, for everything. This comic has been something special to me for years, and genuinely a highlight of my week with each and every update.

This might sound silly, but... you have my immense gratitude for crafting something so special and amazing.
Tess (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you for sharing this tale with us, Lynx. I'm honored to have shared this experience, and I hope you have your own rest after this. You've earned it.
Kitsoa (Guest) edit delete reply
I have been following Skybox since you started and I just can't believe it's over! The entire format of execution was an inspiration enough. I always left thinking what an amazing tv show this could be. It easily just slipped into my imagination and carried me away. I adore the subject of flying mythical creatures and the nuance of your world made it so captivating-- hands down the easiest comic to commit to following. Gahhh I'm sad to see it end but it was so satisfying! I am so happy you got to create this story and I love every panel of it. Thank you Lynx.
Applejayz19 (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you so freaking much for making this amazing story! I have read tons of webcomics and books, but this is one of the few that really had me. I love how it has meaning with an exiting story and great characters. I'm sad to see it end, but I'm glad that it hasn't been pushed farther than it needed and ended at a good solid point. Again, thanks so much
Blue (Guest) edit delete reply
I haven't commented before but I've been following for a while and it's been an amazing ride. Thank you so much!
Stuart (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you so much for The Skybox! I've been reading for a while and have looked forward to it every week.

Good luck on your future projects. I hope there might be more stories about siders in the future!
Roose Hurro (Guest) edit delete reply
Never made comment before, but... hope you have other creative projects in mind. This comic has been quite a trip! Loved the "animatic" style. Not to mention the story and characters. As in the title: Well Done!

Very glad I found this story.......
RandomRussian (Guest) edit delete reply
Hey thank you so much!) I was here for all the story and looked for every page. Your comic is great, I love it! I hope you are heppy as we all are now. It seems like a cartoon. What's now? Time for new long-long exciting story or you wanna have some rest?) Anyway, thank you very-very much, I grew up with your comic.
Crossbow (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you for such an amazing journey!
Inaya (Guest) edit delete reply
Saw on your tumblr that skybox was finished, so I decided to read it and it's REALLY GOOD like the story and characters and everything
Yoyolink (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you for this beautiful comic !
I followed it for a few years now and i loved it until the end.
It is a little sad but i'm happy to have seen the end, good luck for everything now Lynx ! I'll be sure to look after your others comics ^^
HannaR (Guest) edit delete reply
Well, I admit I don't have much to say other than what's already been said. ...but it bears repeating. =P I just want to say how incredibly well done this has been. The animatic style to it was interesting and served the story well, and the story itself was heartwarming, really creative, and just all around fun to read :D This ending shot here is also really beautiful and just gives you the warm fuzzies. Thank you so much for this time you've given us, and I really look forward to anything else you may decide to create in the future -but as you yourself said, don't forget to rest. You really deserve it after this <3
Irbis (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank you so match, for the wonderful comic and story!
Terri (Guest) edit delete reply
For some odd reason, this song just suits this.
NickDaGriff (Guest) edit delete reply

I've been reading for years, almost since right at the beginning, and it's been such a great thing to stick with. You've made *so many* Tuesday mornings so much brighter, kept me on the edge of my seat for so many of them, and made me feel that indescribable little spark of joy that comes when enjoying a truly magical bit of storytelling. Thank you so much, Lynxgriffin. :)


...So when does the animated movie come out? :D
TheoBoi12 (Guest) edit delete reply
I found this Web comic around December last year and found it very interesting read through the whole thing. and its great to see that this has been able to be completed. I was glad to be apart of this even if I was very late. Thank you for this Wonderful Comic, I hope whatever other projects you have, (if any) will be just as wonderful.
Bittersweet (Guest) edit delete reply
I've been a long time reader and I'm so happy to see this come to conclusion. This comic was really something special. I love your style, I love how you capture motion using the unique animatic form here that you don't really see elsewhere. There's so many awesome little things like how the wings move to people's expressions in reaction to events. Just absolutely amazing!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad but that's just because I loved your story so much! Thank you once more for this story I'll always hold close to my heart. Here's to more wonderful things in the future! <3
jakbyte (Guest) edit delete reply
I found this comic I don't know how many years ago, and I can't believe it's coming to an end! Thank you so much for this wonderful story! :)
Gnome (Guest) edit delete reply
I also found this comic around december and it was fantastic :) thank you for all your hard work and a beautiful world that was created by your mastermind :)hope to see your next works soon. You are the best))
MercenaryX edit delete reply
Well it's been one heck of a ride, Text for the up's and down's it was worth it. We've done a Christian werewolf, we've done sky people, what's next? Mermaids? Oh would hope so. I specially do hope we get something with a mermaid main protagonist.
Yoyo (Guest) edit delete reply
That was one heck of a comic, one of the best and most indulging if I might add. One perk of having to find this late was that I didn't have to wait for updates. Thanks for making this amazing project, lynx! :)
AlphaStallion (Guest) edit delete reply
I just got reading this twice and I love it to bits. This Song I feel goes the absolute best with it.
tiger_Fox (Guest) edit delete reply
just caught up after dropping off last summer. really great. stuff with endings and morals like this makes me sad. lol. but for real it was good.
Scarfhat edit delete reply
God damn you. I was only supposed to read a little bit to see if I was interested and I could barely stop reading (had a bit of an issue when an exam came up). Lovely story, very happy I found this
Browniefox (Guest) edit delete reply
I started reading this last night and only got a few pages in before going to sleep. I decided to try knocking out a few more pages this morning... and then ended up reading the entire comic. oops lol

this was an amazing story and i was amazed and enraptured the entire way! I was always curious about what was going on and so curious about the world you were creating and where it was going! I was thinking it was actually going to end with shanti becoming a simurgh of rest or something but honestly the ending that ended up was really great! I do wonder what all the sides are going to do now that they don't have that constant journey to make.

I'm still unsure why the drakesides were so against humans? did they know what powers humans got? or many one did a long time ago and it just grew into legend?

I would love to see more in this universe, though I imagine that you're really busy with other projects right now.

I made so many happy and excited and sad sounds while i was reading this! I knew it was Pandora the second i saw the little gryffside, but i did not see the rachel plot twist coming at all (probably what happens when you read something fast and are bad at remembering names lol). Honeslty the beset way to spent the morning!
CXavier (Guest) edit delete reply
❄︎♒︎♋︎■︎🙵 ⍓︎□︎◆︎
Thats for all you UNDERTALE fans