Shanti - (Human) A sophomore in high school and the only daughter of Indian immigrants, Shanti works hard both in and out of school, even if what she wants to pursue isn’t what her parents want. Stubborn, skeptical and dedicated, she feels like she has little time to stop and rest, except for the occasional talk with her online friend, Rachel. All that changes when her plane crashes, and she is rescued by Phoebus. She then has no choice but to be taken to a mysterious place called the Skybox.
After experiencing so much, Shanti is now driven to try and save the Skybox and the friends that she's made that live on it. 

Phoebus - (Gryphside) Phoebus catches Shanti when he happens to be flying close by her plane as it crashes. While sometimes he complains about the extra burden, it is clear that he is both kind and devoted, as he goes to great lengths to defend Shanti. However, he’s got some secrets of his own...even though he’s bad at keeping them.

Argus and Adonis - (Pegaside) - These two cousins belong to a large Pegaside family, and grew up together since they were young. Both are brash and prone to taking charge of a group whether asked to or not, and both can carry a grudge. Adonis is the physically stronger one, while Argus is more clever. A couple harsh words and the right look from the family matriarchs will get them in their place, though.

Ziva - (Nixside) Ziva associates herself with Drakeside more than most of her kind would dare to, but she has her reasons, all of them having to do with ambition and survival. She prefers not to get her claws dirty, and would rather engage in a fight of words...although she’s not very good at winning those, either.

Pallas - Pallas - (Gryphside) Phoebus’s lifetime mate, Pallas is very strong-willed and often assertive. She’ll defend those she cares about to the death, but cross her and you’ll regret it, even if she does care about you.

Antiope - (Pegaside) - A matriarch Pegaside in the same family Argus and Adonis belong to. She is a bit friendlier and more understanding than some of the younger, hotheaded males in the family. However, she’s also sometimes a bit anxious about things.

Hiba and Honza - (Zalside) These two “lucky twins” are never separate, and frequently finish the others’ sentences. They are friendly towards most everyone they meet, and are particularly curious about the surface world, since they want to go down and have fun without fear of not surviving the trip.

Taranis - (Drakeside) Like most Drakeside, Taranis is ambitious, but not in the more common ways. She is immensely jealous of Terminus, the de facto leader of the Skybox, and will do anything to ursurp him, including finally kill him. However, she doesn't have much intention of stopping there. 

Tiamat - (Drakeside) Taranis’s right-hand Drakeside, a bit unusual for his kind since he’d rather have someone else boss him around than try to build his own harem the way most Drakeside do. Part of that may stem from his short size and accompanying inferiority complex. However, circumstances may push him more to acting on his own. 

Cracked Mask - (Spaceside) While the Spaceside don’t have much regard for distinct individuals within their clan, Cracked Mask can’t help but stand out from the crowd, and is often the one to attempt to communicate with Shanti or help her. How Cracked Mask got the crack in their mask is a mystery.

Rachel - (Grounded Pegaside) Shanti's online friend, whom Shanti has now met in person. She was originally a Pegaside, but now lives in the Sider halfway house, paralyzed as a result of her fall. While nervous about sharing her woes, she is always willing to help her best friend. 

Leroy - (Grounded Drakeside) The leader of the Sider house, Leroy is strict and sometimes overly controlling, but only because he truly cares about the well-being of the Siders under his watch. However, he's not always aware of the healthiest ways to do that. 

Zack - (Grounded Nixside) Zack can be laid-back or mischievous depending on his mood, and is more outgoing now than a Nixside would normally be. Since landing and living in the Sider house, he has taken a great interest in human technology and learning how to use computers. 

Hal - (Grounded Zalside) Having lost her right eye and arm in the fall, Hal is nonetheless fairly cheerful about life, and slowly growing more into trying new things. She enjoys seeing the ocean and spending time with others in the house. 

Pandora - (Gryphside) Phoebus and Pallas's infant daughter, presumed to be dead after she fell. However, she survived the fall, and after many months of being silent, she is now eager to get back to her parents at the Skybox.