Comic 109 - Arc 2 - 27
22nd Sep 2015, 7:00 AM in Rest
Arc 2 - 27
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Skjolty (Guest) edit delete reply feelings... Good lord, why...
Whymsies (Guest) edit delete reply
*lays in puddle of tears*
*doesn't move*
*doesn't get up*
Icarus (Guest) edit delete reply

and then he lied.
Jumbojet777 (Guest) edit delete reply
... brb, grabbing armfuls of tissues for no reason whatsoever :(
tiger-hawk (Guest) edit delete reply
Ho no
Star (Guest) edit delete reply
that's all the feels I can handle for the rest of the week :'D
excuse me while I lay under my bed and sob
Star (Guest) edit delete reply
Forgive me for commenting again XD
I have a theory tho >.>

Seeing as when they land they shift to a human figure, so when they land in the water I feel like they don't actually die. They're just humans... But the reason they don't come up is cuss, being as they don't land they don't know how to swim :( If one was to land /on/ land, couldn't they find a way to live among the people? I mean if they aren't able to get back up >.>
Theories man
I'm probably wrong but oh well :'D
LynxGriffin edit delete reply
It is an interesting theory to be sure! :D
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh my, Lynx! How terribly sad that this happened. D:
Riverfox237 (Guest) edit delete reply

Dude you can't LIE about this, she'll never KNOW and it will torture her forever not knowing where her daughter is, and it'll torture YOU forever knowing that you know and won't tell her, and THIS IS A REALLY BAD IDEA SHORT TERM SOLUTION LONG TERM PAIN

This certainly explains why he saved a human, though. A need to save a life where he failed before.
LynxGriffin edit delete reply
Mmhmm...probably not Phoebus's smartest decision ever!
LynxGriffin edit delete reply
Mmhmm...probably not Phoebus's smartest decision ever!
Whyy (Guest) edit delete reply
I decided it was a good idea to watch wolf children after this, followed by princess mononoke.

That was not smart.
mr.Trouble edit delete reply
brbrbrbr (Guest) edit delete reply
She died!
He lied!
Gryph sied!
ongakuken (Guest) edit delete reply
Kristin (Guest) edit delete reply
No no no no NO NO NO

I wasn't ready for that.

Oh man. Phoebus... Oh no...
Popon (Guest) edit delete reply
Theory Time: When a side reaches the ground they become human and lose memories. Shanti is Pandora.