Comic 127 - Arc 2 - 45
26th Jan 2016, 7:00 AM in Rest
Arc 2 - 45
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txinaz edit delete reply
maybe some help with learning about this place and finding out the whole truth
CrystalCircle edit delete reply
I'm glad she made a couple of friends...especially when there seems to be some real hostility towards nosides.
LynxGriffin edit delete reply
Very many thank yous to this month's Patrons!

- Quinn Schwartz
- Virginia Hager
Guardian_Gryphon edit delete reply
So... There's definitely some link between our mythology, and these species' history.

Makes you wonder not only what changed, but more importantly... Why? What purpose did this change in culture/situation serve. And whom? Who stands to benefit?
Gaswe (Guest) edit delete reply
If you're talking about Greek mythology, yes, it seems like so. All the names of the siders come right from mythology!
Nessa (Guest) edit delete reply
They are so cute I love them