Comic 130 - Arc 2 - 48
16th Feb 2016, 7:00 AM in Rest
Arc 2 - 48
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User comments:
Kokoneos edit delete reply
Ahhhh!! D: I was hoping he could sneak ouuuuttt. ;A;
LynxGriffin edit delete reply
A huge thanks to this month's Patrons!

- Quinn Schwartz
- Virginia Hager
Guardian_Gryphon edit delete reply
Wellllll... Clever lies, or violent fisticuffs. Looks like it's got to be one or the other...
LuckyTiamat edit delete reply
They could always say they were talking about Pandora...

Then he can confess without actually confessing! I'm SURE it'll turn out fine!
QS (Guest) edit delete reply
Ooooh boy. This is about to get messy. Either with words or with fists.
Moss-Mallow (Guest) edit delete reply
uh-oh. This isn't going to be good ;A;
Lolneva (Guest) edit delete reply
If I was in that situation with the whole "moving out of the way to the culprit/certain person thing" if I was the certain person, I would have moved out of the way and hope no one notices.
Kristin (Guest) edit delete reply
"It was a child, falling..."

Oh, Phoebus