Comic 137 - Arc 2 - 55
5th Apr 2016, 7:00 AM in Rest
Arc 2 - 55
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LynxGriffin edit delete reply
Here's a giant thanks to this month's Patrons!

- Quinn Schwartz
- Virginia Hager
- Dediles
- Alyssa Johnson
- Sky Ashley Katruk
Almighty (Sky A.K.) (Guest) edit delete reply
THIS is precisely! what I was wishing for good gracious! Lynx, gosh, you do a good thing here. Bravo! hhhhhh what about bird boy he's gonn' be a wreck gosh
Guardian_Gryphon edit delete reply
Ah, Shanti... There is the small matter of your best and truest friend... The guy who saved your life, and all that...

...Poor Phoebus.
Jumbojet777 edit delete reply
Poor Phoebus... He must feel awful right now.
LuckyTiamat edit delete reply
Ok so like...

What if humans HAVE landed on the Skybox before...

Ever heard of Angels?

All legends had to come from somewhere :3
Franci edit delete reply
Now I wonder how she will find the new location of Skybox... After all she has a human physique.
Karol (Guest) edit delete reply
Its very great comics. Pozdrowienia z polski.
Hayden (Guest) edit delete reply
Couldn't she just land on earth and her wings would be hidden and as long as she didn't skydive nobody would know?
Riverfox237 (Guest) edit delete reply
Poor Phoebus, this is the second time he's lost somebody. I love these two, though. :D

I had the same thought as Hayden: couldn't she just land on the ground? Of course, she has no way of knowing for sure if that would work; for all she knows, the Skybox is the only landing platform that gives human form. (We know it isn't from the scene where the pegasus crashed, but she doesn't.)

I think it's really interesting that the background coloring has changed to suit her new skybox companions' species. I wonder if that will happen more in the future? Will she run with a Nixside at some point and everything will be red? And what is the color for the dragons? So many (probably unimportant) questions!
Viriri edit delete reply
Gosh. Those twins are adorable
Cloudhammer (Guest) edit delete reply
I can't stop re-reading the sections with these two goofballs, their design is just adorable :D