Comic 148 - Arc 3 - 10
14th Jun 2016, 7:00 AM in Endurance
Arc 3 - 10
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txinaz edit delete reply
knew that this was going to happen why look for the truth when a lie is so much easier
Icarus (Guest) edit delete reply
but the drakeside seem to know more about the box and humans than any of the others.

Besides, the easiest lies to believe are the ones that grew from a kernel of truth.
Lone Explorer (Guest) edit delete reply
I am loving this comic so much. I wish each part came more frequently, but I understand it's a long process to make these comic.
Guardian_Gryphon edit delete reply
Wait... The big scaly twerp has a valid point... Why DO humans do anything they do?
Love Serene edit delete reply
Love Serene
Because, stuff and things...

All in all, though, I'm waiting to see what happens to Shanti.
Guardian_Gryphon edit delete reply
I haven't lost hope for Pandora yet... Maybe a kind passing fisherman, or brave Navy crew pulled her out of the water...

...They'd be in for a real shock once they got her out of the ocean and onto the deck wouldn't they...
sugarcane2225 (Guest) edit delete reply
Cyberfire22 (Guest) edit delete reply
I originally came from Tumblr, where you posted your Undertale comic, but I must say, this is an extremely compelling story and quite an imaginative world you came up with. Definitely one of the best webcomics I've come upon for sure! I'm sad to have caught up so soon, but I do really look forward to how this story unfolds. Keep up the stellar work!
Also on tumblr (Guest) edit delete reply
There is an undertale comic? I must see it! Please me more? :D
Cyberfire22 (Guest) edit delete reply
It's called "Dogs of Futures Past" and explores events after the main game and such. There are accompanying short comics as well that you should read too. Just look up "Lynxgriffin" on Tumblr and find his blog, you'll probably find the masterposts there somewhere.
Rafe edit delete reply
*her. The author's name is Megan Willis.
Cyberfire22 (Guest) edit delete reply
Ah, my mistake. I'm fairly new to this author's work myself, so thanks for correcting me.
ConfusingDalek (Guest) edit delete reply
Maybe the reason we always take things apart is so we can understand them!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
and then we can make more to take apart!
Zanar (Guest) edit delete reply
White!' he sneered. 'It serves as a beginning. White cloth may be dyed, the white page can be overwritten; and the white light can be broken.'
'In which case it is no longer white,' said I. 'And he that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.'
GameZone edit delete reply
We take things apart to understand it better.