Comic 155 - Arc 3 - 17
2nd Aug 2016, 7:00 AM in Endurance
Arc 3 - 17
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LynxGriffin edit delete reply
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grey_jelly (Guest) edit delete reply
Shanti draws on the power of... Boxsignal!

The true path is illuminated!
Guardian_Gryphon edit delete reply
VERY discretely, we hope...

These guys are far too nice to die horribly, right? Just too darn pretty?
Flavourius (Guest) edit delete reply
Plot twist: the nicest guys are always the most evil.
A Cursed Editor (Guest) edit delete reply
You and the comic mean "discreetly", not "discretely". Discretely is separately.
Flavourius (Guest) edit delete reply
"Unless YOU can give a boxsignal!" that panel looks so cute with hopes in his eyes. I want to cuddle him right now.
Fitana (Guest) edit delete reply
Cute! Like, every page with the twins in it is cute! Those are on the list of my fav dorks now! xD
And ooh, I'm sure humans DO have a boxsignal, come on Shanti don't be like that hehehe
And I'm so looking forward to see it! OwO Yes, do the boxsignal!

Nice nice page!
Kara (Guest) edit delete reply
They remind me of a pair of twins from a story i ready a long time ago. <3 they're so adorable.
Fitana (Guest) edit delete reply
Aww, interesting! Yeah, I guess every twin characters have this... sweetness with them hehe!
Yes, they are! (^ن^)
jimmychanga (Guest) edit delete reply
nice to find a good comic that updates this frequently! I just came from, that artist did a patreon with rewards all by himself, and took a year to get everything shipped.. they call the hiatus "purrgatory" cause it's a comic about a cat from "the elder scrolls: oblivion".
Draco Noctis (Guest) edit delete reply
There seems to be a problem because i cant change the panels yet it works fine for other pages. The arrows wont show up.
Smuch (Guest) edit delete reply
Well in case the skybox was nice enough to instal a signal as well as a pair of wngs, anyone want to take bets about which form it'll take ?
Faren (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm guessing the internet, since it was hinted at earlier.

Or maybe something like radar since it was shown that the Skybox acts a powerful antenna earlier with the phone.
faren edit delete reply
I'm guessing the internet, since it was hinted at earlier being like a boxsignal.

Or maybe something like radar since it was shown that the Skybox acts a powerful antenna earlier with the phone.

I'm abit conflicted though on whither it would present a better story if she couldn't use a boxsignal and had to have others travel with here or end up following a sider in secret or atleast delaying the choice for later.

I'm sure I'll be reading whatever it may be. I just like pondering outcomes.

(now I have an account)
Leming (Guest) edit delete reply

That's what I immediately thought when I read this page but it kind of reeks of mary sure if she just immediately has the strongest box signal. But it could be useful as some kind of ex machina later
faren edit delete reply

Indeed, Plot wise it's sometimes best to not have an easy way of doing things, since character development is always built upon conflict and overcoming shortcomings. The only Exception being Slice of life stories, but that is because the story is driven less by character development and more so by character discovery (for the reader atleast).
Luca (Guest) edit delete reply
If the next page isn't some massive buildup culminating in either a fart or a burp I would be a tad disappointed. But I also have the sense of humour of a small child.
jimmychanga (Guest) edit delete reply
sorry to be a spoilsport, but didn't she want a way to go home? Unless she's secretly afraid that she'll die if she touches the ground, (likely not since it wasn't explored in the comic) she should stop being curious and go home!
Leming (Guest) edit delete reply
It is the destiny of every protagonist to get sidetracked
MercenaryX edit delete reply
Why do I get the feeling we are going to see a Undertale Determination ref here?