Comic 157 - Arc 3 - 19
16th Aug 2016, 7:00 AM in Endurance
Arc 3 - 19
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LynxGriffin edit delete reply
Here's a huge thanks to this month's patrons!

- Quinn Schwartz - Rocket Surgeon
- Virginia Hager - Kody Bell
- Dediles - Jon Dudley
- Alyssa Johnson - Leo
- Sky Ashley Katruk - Engineer
- Joshua Bryan - Joshua Jackson
- Renee Calvert - Faren
- JD - Amund
- Kara Stephens
- Jeffery Bower
- Fennec
- Scott Pittman
- Greg
- Rafe Saltman

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hrwilliams edit delete reply
Lovely work!
Guardian_Gryphon edit delete reply
Shanti has an epic Kamehameha face!
Fitana (Guest) edit delete reply
Sooo she didn't really have a boxsignal? Is is okay I'm still hopeful about that? xD Maybe she just needs time?
And the twins are cute as always.
Amazing work!
GhosteezArtz (Guest) edit delete reply
when does it update again
MercenaryX edit delete reply
I so want to see these two follow her everywhere, they are just adorkable!