Comic 172 - Arc 3 - 33
22nd Nov 2016, 7:00 AM in Endurance
Arc 3 - 33
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LynxGriffin edit delete reply
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- JD - Amund
- Kara Stephens - William Grech
- Jeffery Bower - Hanna Römer
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- Scott Pittman - Alyssa Few
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Ghosteez Artz (Guest) edit delete reply
loving the comic 333 my fave number
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Me too
Flavourius (Guest) edit delete reply
It's guaranteed that she'll lose them. I mean she also managed to lose one of the biggest Drakeside in the clouds as well.
Riverfox (Guest) edit delete reply
Wait, SHE'S pursuing us? Dangit I gotta go back and recap, apparently I forgot that this dragon was a girl. That entire conversation with the older drake earlier suddenly makes a lot more sense. (In my defense I somehow lost track of this comic for like 3 months so I have forgotten some things XD; )
butter (Guest) edit delete reply
theres water in the clouds and the twins can control water right?
MercenaryX edit delete reply
They can use that on her and maybe even block her lighting, Pure clean Water isn't conductive by it's self, it needs something in it to let the energy flow.

So cleaver if you ask me.