Comic 179 - Arc 3 - 40
10th Jan 2017, 6:00 AM in Endurance
Arc 3 - 40
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Cloudhammer (Guest) edit delete reply
Calling it now, Shanti opens Messenger

*400 New Messages*

All of them Rachel going "WTF?!?"
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I wonder how much battery is left. How long has it been since the plane crash?
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Im just guessing here,
but 3 weeks?
CaptainViewtiful98 (Guest) edit delete reply
Maybe they left a message in her phone's notes section?
AllHailTheGeek (Guest) edit delete reply
That would make a lot of sense. They've obviously figured out how to text, and they've figured out that if they communicate via text, humans (or Rachel at least) will understand them.
So will she be traveling with the Spaceside now? Where are the twins and Phoebus? And - this has been on my mind for a while - given what happened to that Pegaside who fell in the ocean early on, is there any chance Pandora's still alive...?
luizbiel (Guest) edit delete reply
how in hell did they even type on it? are those legs even able to do something like that?
Candor Zofain (Guest) edit delete reply
They probably typed it while they were in humanoid form.
Jarvi edit delete reply
Now she finds out she has bought subscriptions on many weird sites.... xD
Egg (Guest) edit delete reply
hundreds of space magazines
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
When she opens it it will have every Daft Punk album downloaded and favorited.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
With the recurring nature of the IM segments, this was inevitable.
Herp (Guest) edit delete reply
I love this comic so far and have bene meaning to read it but now there are no more pages and I have to wait just like my 2 other comics. ;;;;
Nessa (Guest) edit delete reply
oh my god the details of this scene are just amazing and I feel ashamed I didn't notice until I clicked through real fast to make it look like an animation.

That section where the Spaceside hands back her phone, I didn't notice the others fluttering in the background. So many amazing details <3
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
You know, I was curious about it too, with the pictures she's been taking, and the fact that she was on it before the plane, but I noticed when she called her dad and her friend, that she was at 100%, so I'm going to guess it's like her other bodily functions (eating and etc) that it's in a kinda suspended animation.
commenter (Guest) edit delete reply
aww, I thought that there was going to be a scene with them talking to each other through texts :/ Guess we can wait to have things explained to us, leaves us more time for scenic cloud backdrops :P
Mercenaryx (Guest) edit delete reply
Even if the sides are a tad cracked. Let's hope that it's only on a protective screen and not the actual phone because that kind of crap can really mess up a good phone.

Also I hope she's got the signal.