Comic 184 - Arc 3 - 45
14th Feb 2017, 6:00 AM in Endurance
Arc 3 - 45
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Wilker edit delete reply
Then the way they spot the Skybox is a lot more simple then. They just look for it at night, when it is more visible from the light from the bottom
Dawn (Guest) edit delete reply
Is the lightweb basically light pollution made by Noside? :O
MercenaryX edit delete reply
I think it is the internet and the bright spots are bit cities or nodes.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
luizbiel (Guest) edit delete reply
lightweb AKA cities and street lights
Hanna R (Guest) edit delete reply
...maybe they can see the internet?
sugarcane2225 (Guest) edit delete reply
so they can see the latest cat memes!
Chip Uni (Guest) edit delete reply
And best of all, Shanti can see her house from up here!

Let's see... she's over Mexico, so she only has to fly about 4000 kilometers.


Maybe she could hitch a lift from a passing satellite?
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
It could also be the Laylines of the planet, that thing where energy lines go around the world?
Popon (Guest) edit delete reply
You realise there's a REPLY BUTTON? RIGHT?
pdqsketch (Guest) edit delete reply
holy cow! I got here from your undertale comic and sped read through this! This is amazing! I love the format of this comic, I've not seen another one like it!
Popon (Guest) edit delete reply