Comic 187 - Arc 3 - 48
7th Mar 2017, 6:00 AM in Endurance
Arc 3 - 48
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Emma (Guest) edit delete reply
My guess is that she turns back to normal if she touches the ground.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
That seems right. But I wonder how high above the ground she'd need to be for her wings to activate?
Frogalog (Guest) edit delete reply
My speculation has always been that Shanti would return to normal if she sets foot back on earth, that siders would turn humanoid, and that they all would need to set foot back on the Skybox to be able to return to their winged forms.

But like I said, it's mere speculation. I can't wait to see more of the story unfold and reveal the untold facts about the Skybox and the siders.
Hanna (Guest) edit delete reply
Though Phoebus did turn humanoid when he walked on the airplane, and he turned back afterwards.
Riverfox (Guest) edit delete reply
Honestly, I'm impressed that she's more worried about getting down than the huge task of getting two civilizations, one who doesn't trust her and the other who primarily don't speak her language or have any way to be in contact with her and are generally blithe to anything that sounds crazy, to all shut up and stop moving for five minutes.

I suppose it'll help if she keeps the wings, but they tend to go away when you touch da erf, soooo good thing she's getting practice at hovering.

OOOOOO I wonder if she's going to get powers from all of the Sides? That would be AWESOME. Two down, four to go!
Anonymoose (Guest) edit delete reply
Two down, four to go more like it! There's six different siders
Anonymoose (Guest) edit delete reply
Shit lol I can't read. Though you said two down two to go >.<