Comic 190 - Arc 3 - 50
21st Mar 2017, 7:00 AM in Endurance
Arc 3 - 50
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A huge thanks to this month's patrons!

- Quinn Schwartz - Rocket Surgeon - Dom Drake
- Virginia Hager - Kody Bell - Alexander
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- Joshua Bryan - Joshua Jackson
- Renee Calvert - Regular Car Reviews
- Rafe Saltman - Amund
- Kara Stephens - William Grech
- Jeffery Bower - Hanna Römer
- Fennec - Joseph
- Scott Pittman - Alyssa Few
- Greg - Kyreeth

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Kara (Guest) edit delete reply

Flavourius (Guest) edit delete reply
Glad to see my favorite gryphside again.
txinaz edit delete reply
two friends meet each other for the first time
Renzal (Guest) edit delete reply
I like how Phoebius is using Shanti's jacket like a neckerchief.
Nester (Guest) edit delete reply
Ah I love the transition into teal :D
LunarLucario (Guest) edit delete reply
I swear to god, if some complication or misunderstanding causes them not to relay their message about Shanti, i'm a flip a table.
Bea (Guest) edit delete reply
god, i love the use of backround color with the various races