Comic 202 - Arc 3 - 62
13th Jun 2017, 6:00 AM in Endurance
Arc 3 - 62
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Jaques (Guest) edit delete reply

*zooms out
"Reach for the sky"
tumble weed bounces across the skybox.
Eric (Guest) edit delete reply
gps for the win
Hanna (Guest) edit delete reply
...Wow Shanti, it's almost like you want her to attack you and take your phone?

Also, critisism if you want it, just ignore otherwise:
I really lke your art in general and your anatomy is usually very good (especiall considering how fast you're getting these done), but the arm on that last panel is a bit... very much too thin :/ It's on the slightly cringe side of the uncanny valley?
Riverfox (Guest) edit delete reply


Well this will DEFINITELY give her a leg up on getting the Siders to listen to her! Who wouldn't want a better way to find rest so you don't fall out of the sky and die?
Carsten Koch (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh at least we know, that her Wings ans Mask also disappear when landing on the sky box :) but dang her smartphone must have a huge battery O.o
SuperTaster (Guest) edit delete reply
That's the idea! Deduction:
The skybox converts energy to rest, and rest to energy. The siders are part of that system, collecting energy from earth and sending it to the skybox, to keep there from being too much of a buildup. Hence why the siders don't need food and make do with minimal sleep.
Similarly, the phone is homing in on the skybox because it's near part of that system. First Phoebus, then the Box, then Shanti once she's connected.
The Spaceside mask lets you see that network of energy. Since the phone is transmitting through the skybox, she can see where the signal from the phone is going. It doesn't take Her energy to do it, and it's always homing in, unlike the drakeside who do it in short bursts.
Even without the phone, she could fly up again and see the network from above for a general idea. The phone is just an easy way to check the minimap for an objective arrow.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Is that why the Skybox moves? Resting siders build up energy, and when the stored energy reach a certain threshold, it moves. Maybe after a short delay.

But if that's true, the arrival of Shanti might actually have caused the Skybox to move. She brought with her a lot of energy, she's far from her usual resting place and her phone is connected to the whole world.
SuperTaster (Guest) edit delete reply
Shanti: "Because I'm the best at space."
Wild Gryphside Appeared (Guest) edit delete reply
I like how Shanti looks a bit better here than when Skybox started. her face is a bit more proportional and less... triangular? Arms are too thin though. Keep trying!
ShuggaChan (Guest) edit delete reply
So, because of the now unique properties of her phone, (probably from the noside tampering with it and now it's unique link to the skybox) it shouldn't technically die on her, correct?
Jumbojet777 edit delete reply
Oooo! I knew it! I knew it'd be Shanti who reaches it first!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
whoever (Guest) edit delete reply
I hope the space(or zal- or gryph-)side are coming because I don't think both Shanti and her phone can survive a one-on one fight with someone who can kill COLD BLOODED.

but anyways, yay for the allside!

Just binge-read your comic, btw, and it's damn good. I'm looking forward to what is to come
Saphire (Guest) edit delete reply
told you
AllHailTheGeek (Guest) edit delete reply
Wait- she has Wi-Fi on the box, right? So she can probably tell how far she is away from it by how strong her connection is!

Capital Ex (Guest) edit delete reply
Okay, Google.
Where is the Skybox currently at?