Comic 213 - Arc 3 - 73
29th Aug 2017, 6:00 AM in Endurance
Arc 3 - 73
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SuperTaster (Guest) edit delete reply
Today on Skybox, we discuss surface-based gravity, and the implications this has for one's pride.
Riverfox (Guest) edit delete reply
*gives you a gold star for this comment*
Eric (Guest) edit delete reply
*flies over the edge, gravity shifts* It was at this moment, Taranis knew, she f*cked up...
luizbiel (Guest) edit delete reply
How to outsmart a dragon 101
razoract edit delete reply
shanti with the jukes
txinaz edit delete reply
I wonder if she is going to fly in that hole hopefully wile taranis is not looking
Famout (Guest) edit delete reply
I don't know, her arm alone seemed to have a rather distracting and upsetting reaction. More then that might lead to madness.
30_Bouncyballs edit delete reply
There is no amount of words I can use to describe how amazingly well done this story is!! Keep it up! I love it!

And you have a new subscriber! :)
AllHailTheGeek (Guest) edit delete reply
Taranis took a tricky tumble XD