Comic 254 - Arc 4 - 29
5th Jun 2018, 6:00 AM in Conversion
Arc 4 - 29
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ghbdtnzdthf (Guest) edit delete reply
That means... If sider comes close to the ground without touching it and touches ex-sider (or human?) will they become sider again?
Also I only now noticed that Rachel gained sider traits after touching a sider! She got wings after riding a griphside, hair - after talking with twins, helmet - after encountering spacesides on the Skybox(? maybe), horns - after fighting the drakeside. Although, a pegaside touched her jacket and she didn't receive any new traits.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
maybe those were pegaside wings?
Treascair (Guest) edit delete reply
Ahhhhh! I LOVE world-building bits like this! <3
Riverfox237 (Guest) edit delete reply
I had a thought this morning before the update: if the Skybox is the collective source of all creative energy, then that explains even more than physical exhaustion why the Siders have to reach it. They are LITERALLY recharging when they touch it! After all, they don't need food and barely need drink, so it would make sense if they had endless flying strength as well... unless they don't gather the creative energy itself but rather have to reabsorb it from the Skybox. If they run out of energy, they fall to the ground, completely depleted, and simply become humans. That's my theory, anyway; probably not important, but it sounds neat to me.

I wonder if Rachel gets touched very much! Secluded away in her bedroom, not wanting to talk to people that much... she could be a bit touch-starved, which is a thing people can get because our bodies are designed to need touch with other humans to be mentally healthy.
Zaywex (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh my gosh that blush! Someone's got a crush~