Comic 255 - Arc 4 - 30
12th Jun 2018, 6:00 AM in Conversion
Arc 4 - 30
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Carsten (Guest) edit delete reply
Me neither :/
I don't care if the world gets destroyed, I wanna read this comic!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
im really curious where youre going with this
i mean, this must be leading to SOME sort of wise lesson, right? about the internet? hmm
Sabreur (Guest) edit delete reply
Okay, no problem. Let's go with plan B - locate the Simurgh and kill it with fire. ;-)
razor (Guest) edit delete reply
please enlighten me: how does one kill a being potentially MADE OF CREATIVITY with fire?
Hatsku (Guest) edit delete reply
With imaginary fire!
topin89 (Guest) edit delete reply
* If noside is touched by any sider, they no longer need to eat and have exceptional connection quality.
* If noside contacted with skybox, they can fly.
* When this happens, AFAIK, nosider can get distinct traits of sider they was in direct phisical contact last. This may or may not be due to being on specific side at least once
* Siders clearly have mythical counterparts. What came first is unknown as of now.
* Somehow, siders and skybox are not on any photos and unknown to wide masses.
* For some reason, siders do not want to be seen
* Sider lost their ability to fly if they touch surface.
* They think you will die if it happens.
* Skybox started to disappear faster recently.

* Siders can be seen only when they touch noside and/or if they want to bee seen.
* Unless sided nosider touched surface, they are also invisible.
* They were visible to nosiders in the past.
* They may or may not be a product of creative energy.
* Siders population stays approximately same due to space and time constraints.
* Spacesiders have read-only access to internet. Of all people from Shanti's phone, they contacted Rachel.

Major unknowns:
* What is skybox purpose?
* What is siders purpose, if any?
* What is Simurgh purpose?

My theory:
Skybox is a major sink for excessive creation energy. Siders are collectors of said energy, their wandering is a mean to collect. The more energy in the world, the more they need to travel around the world, so Skybox need to disappear more often. Alternatively, Skybox need to disappear when enough energy collected, unless it will be broken.
But what is Simurgh? What is their relation with mythical counterpart? They are generally good being in mythology, mediating between sky and earth. Is it about to prevent energy overflow by wiping part Earth's population? I think I forgot why Simurgh is a bad news.

If my theory is true:
* We should check if during Black Plague or WWII skybox stayed longer. And that there was major Skybox interval dwindling after mass adoption of printed books, radio, television and finally internet. Consequentially, if it is not, theory is a bust.
* Death on the ground is an ancient lie for siders so they don't abandon their duty.
* We need more siders, therefore we need a way to make more.
* Maybe contact spacesiders? In dialog between Rachel and Shanti, say them when to meet.
* Test on local siders, if physical contact with a spacesider gives ability to fly back.
* Preferably test if Shanti is unique and other people can't become imaginary like that. Or at least that easy.

Of course, it's just an unproven theory, not much facts known as of now.
razor (Guest) edit delete reply
counter-question: if the skybox is a heat sink for creativity, then does the spacesides comment of "create rest" mean make another heat sink, and if so how does one go about doing so?
MercenaryX edit delete reply
How about more then one skybox or make all humans into siders? I just say because that is the only thing I can think of. Unless there is another way to make humans rest without losing the internet.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah the internet is my life line :(
Ajax (Guest) edit delete reply
I’m probably one of the bigger contributors to the problem admittedly. I have like 1000 different story ideas buzzing around in my head and am running four different stories at once on another site.