Comic 269 - Arc 4 - 44
18th Sep 2018, 6:00 AM in Conversion
Arc 4 - 44
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Ghosteeez (Guest) edit delete reply
Uh oh....
Treascair (Guest) edit delete reply
Savvy line of logic there, actually. But how to get high enough, is the question...
Frith Ra (Guest) edit delete reply
Are you going to try to bungee jump from an airplane?

You know that the cliff jumping doesn't work.
MRDoomPlayer (Guest) edit delete reply
is she litterally gonna jump off a plane with a parachute
Velux (Guest) edit delete reply
She's gotta get high enough and communicate in order to be touched by a Sider to get back... A tall order...

I just binged the entire comic and I can't approve enough - love the animatic style and the smart and captivating storyline! This would make for a great movie... I'd be so all over that! Thanks for all your time and effort with this project and sharing it with us all!
prissi (Guest) edit delete reply
This is such a great story. I just found it Yesterday, and I could not stop reading through all of it. I love the flying, with the click through panels; a very good way to almost give an animation feeling and to capture the dynamics. But of course the unusual but still consistent and plausible story.

Very well done, great story, great ideas, great drawings. Thank you for making this.

(Now I am wondering if we are in the last quarter of the story though ... )
MRDoomPlayer (Guest) edit delete reply
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ look at the title
Illyana (Guest) edit delete reply
I have been reading to much Worm Fanfiction everytime I read Simurgh I think of the Endbringer. I been getting weird headaches because I been trying to crossover the worlds and add capes in my head