Comic 292 - Arc 5 - 10
19th Feb 2019, 7:00 AM in Energy
Arc 5 - 10
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SuperTaster (Guest) edit delete reply
Taranis you are just scorching the box even worse. It's almost like this is a metaphor. Oh wait you all are stories of course this is a metaphor.
SuperEngie (Guest) edit delete reply
Taranis fell. It’s another drakeside.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
As far as we know, Taranis didn't fell - the last time we saw her was when she was trying to chase Shanti, but gave up after coming too close to the ground and flew back up.

The only Drakeside we've seen falling down was Terminus, who was attacked by Taranis.
SuperEngie (Guest) edit delete reply
Well someone fell that had strange markings on their face. Most likely Phoebus scratching Taranis
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Could be a Nixide. When we saw Ziva (a Nixide Shanti and Phoebus met on their way to the Skybox) in her landing form, she seemed to have some sort of markings in her face.

Or it could also be some other sider as well. Hard to tell because only a few have fully colored artworks out with markings and all.
S. Katruk (Guest) edit delete reply
Markings on the face vs wounds / injuries on the face would be a notable word choice here. I believe the theory of it being a Nix could be plausible, but Taranis' wounds didn't seem so deep they couldn't heal in that time. Dragon, scales, that'd all but disappear in the time it's taken Shanti to get back up. That, and the characters all appear to be distinctively drawn, this drakeside shares every other physical resemblance to Taranis except those scratches, which could have healed by now. We haven't seen yet if injuries persist between forms also; Rachelle says it herself, she doesn't know if her legs will work once she lands, but she doesn't seem to be flying limp-bottom'd or upright, as if she has at least subconscious use of her legs in her pegasus state. They're shown to move about, though that could've been artistic choices rather than intentional movements.

TLDR: Rachelle brought up the debate on whether her injuries stay when she's between forms. We've never seen an injury persist between forms yet. We never saw Taranis fall, but there've been a number of falling siders since the skybox stopped moving. Nixside have markings on their faces and the choice of wording, to use "Marking" rather than "injury" or "scarring" would imply that it's more like a tattoo or birthmark than any scratch or cut.

Theory; This drakeside is probably Taranis, given the attention to character designs in the series so far. Maybe Siders don't always carry injuries into their other forms? Could this offer a quicker means of recovery perhaps?
Kon (Guest) edit delete reply
I don't think the person with "strange markings on their face" is Tanaris, simply because claw marks from an animal are not all that strange. Griffside claws resemble any bird claws really. It'd be portrayed more as "strange claw marks" rather than "strange markings".

Strange markings make it sound like it's akin to the horns that a drakeside's human form has, rather than claw marks. I'd follow the idea of it being a Nixside (one could only hope it's Ziva herself).
Treascair (Guest) edit delete reply
I give it five minutes before drakeside mofo gets piled on and torn limb from limb, right as Shanti and Rachel show up.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Okay, since Lynx's Tumblr update confirmed that this Zalside is indeed Hiba - where's the other twin?

I don't like the feeling of this...
Lily (Guest) edit delete reply
Neither do I...
Sarah (Guest) edit delete reply
But thank goodness he's okay.