Comic 298 - Arc 5 - 16
2nd Apr 2019, 6:00 AM in Energy
Arc 5 - 16
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Eric (Guest) edit delete reply
Shanti needs to hurry up, this reunion is going to be so sweet, I shiver with antici...
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Any time now, Shanti...
Lily (Guest) edit delete reply
Yes, anytime now, Shanti. The Siders could really use you, right now.
Flavourius (Guest) edit delete reply
I just realized that each side has a beginning letter for each name:
-P for Gryphside
-H for Zalside
-A for Pegaside
-Z for Nixside
-T for Drakeside
-? for Spaceside took me 5 arcs to realize this.
Sarah (Guest) edit delete reply
yes sir/ma'am!

(My Headcanon (and prob won't ever come true) is that Spaceside's names start with "M")
Big Nemo edit delete reply
Big Nemo
Last update date in the comic profile shows march 5th :-(

Up side: I just read a month's worth of updates! :-)
Random Reader (Guest) edit delete reply
How I imagine the twins's reunion with Shanti playing out:

Hiba: Hadi?
Honza: Haile?
Hiba: Shanti on a Pegaside?
Honza: Hamilton?
Hiba: Hena?


Hiba & Honza: Wait a minute!
Renrobt (Guest) edit delete reply
Okay. Now that is the headcannon for at least the next week.

This just fits them so well. It is just perfect.
Random Reader (Guest) edit delete reply
Thanks a bunch!