Comic 300 - Arc 5 - 18
16th Apr 2019, 7:00 AM in Energy
Arc 5 - 18
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Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
...this update looks like it was very easy to draw :'P

At least they're all caught up now! Now, back to the important business - get to the skybox (and please reunite Pandora with her parents)!
Crossbow (Guest) edit delete reply
Love the ping-pong eyeballs for Shanti and Aella.
Candor Zofain (Guest) edit delete reply
No long, drawn-out exposition dump for Shanti? They should be important characters in video games!
Violet (Guest) edit delete reply
Woah good job not making all those talking frames the same
SuperTaster (Guest) edit delete reply
Their eyes are going to get tired bouncing like that.
Also, Pandora sees someone! A good someone.
Treascair (Guest) edit delete reply
An accurate, fast summation! always useful~
MaddsCraft edit delete reply
Do you know how many more arcs there are going to be until the series is over?

(By the way, I absolutely love your work! This comic is easily one of my favorites of all time! I actually just binged the entire series and enjoyed it the entire way through!)
Violet (Guest) edit delete reply
I think the creator is on vacation right now, but they've mentioned that this is the last arc
MaddsCraft edit delete reply
Ah, well that's too bad. But it makes sense, there doesn't really seem like there's a whole lot left to do in the story. I still need to read the creator's other comic anyway!