Comic 310 - Arc 5 - 28
25th Jun 2019, 6:00 AM in Energy
Arc 5 - 28
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Crossbow (Guest) edit delete reply
And a yappy gossip changes sides...
CrowWingedAngel (Guest) edit delete reply
Oooh-ho-ho~ The tables are turning~
Treascair (Guest) edit delete reply
Now this is going to be interesting...
Chugget (Guest) edit delete reply
jimmybub (Guest) edit delete reply
that (nix?)side featured today, did she have some kind of deal with the drake earlier that I forgot about?
Crossbow (Guest) edit delete reply
Yes, she's the same one that alerted the drakeside to Shanti's presence on the Skybox originally. She said she wanted something in return, but Taranis blew her off at that point.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
"most people are not only comfortable in their ignorance but are hostile to any who point it out"
SuperTaster (Guest) edit delete reply
You cannot cut back on funding. YOU WILL REGRET THIS!
GauntDusk (Guest) edit delete reply
Does this mean we're going to get to learn more about Nixside when she joins team good guys?!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Okay, Taranis' reaction to Ziva's request says so much about her character (and siders in general).

Taranis didn't even consider if such a thing as a Nixide learning Drakeside Boxsignal was even possible. She just turned it down, saying that it's impossible. Taranis didn't even bother to try, reconsider the possibility - she doesn't question anything that doesn't fit her small view of the world.

Though, this can also stem from the fact that siders in general don't have time and energy to question anything, because they are too busy to stay alive. It's like Phoebus at the beginning of the story, when Shanti taught him many new things. Siders really need some change in their lives, and hopefully, with working together with Shanti, they can create a rest that you don't need to spend forever to find.

Maybe then they can start enjoy living in the fullest.