Comic 327 - Arc 5 - 45
3rd Dec 2019, 7:00 AM in Energy
Arc 5 - 45
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QS (Guest) edit delete reply
I wonder if this is where it ends? Been here since the start and I'm curious to know where it goes from here.
Eric (Guest) edit delete reply
I believe lynx said this would be the last chapter. I have a feeling she's about to wake up on the plane having learned the importance of rest
GhostRC (Guest) edit delete reply
I would be disappointed but that would be fine. I somehow doubt he would do that though
Cole (Guest) edit delete reply
Lynx has confirmed on Tumblr that this won't be the case. She says that she's not a fan of the "it was all a dream" twists.
Riverfox237 (Guest) edit delete reply
Thank goodness, those are SO unsatisfying.
Treascair (Guest) edit delete reply
Ah, now this is a lovely update~ just what I needed!
Maria Ashby edit delete reply
Maria Ashby
Ahhh so cute!I love it!
Everyone can rest and be happy now
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
*Shanti and Aella hold hands*

Now THIS is the happy ending we all wanted and deserved.
???? (Guest) edit delete reply
It can't end THIS easily...

...could it?