Comic 36 - Arc 1 - 32
27th May 2014, 7:00 AM in Ascension
Arc 1 - 32
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cote edit delete reply
How cool is that. nicedrawing and movement.
LynxGriffin edit delete reply
Thanks a bunch! :D
squidlifecrisis edit delete reply
squidlifecrisis edit delete reply
oh whoops, this is the latest one!

I'll be following this comic, yes. I like the way you've put the panels together, it's intuitive to read even though this is an unusual format!

would love to see more colored panels in the future ;v; The drawings seem a little unfinished without at least flat color. But your lines are impressive enough to make this a great read regardless, and it's not causing problems like making the characters difficult to distinguish or anything. c:

so, thank you for sharing, and I'm looking forward to more! :D
LynxGriffin edit delete reply
Thanks a bunch for following it! :D

And I wish I could do more extensive color, but it's mostly a time issue. Since I'm drawing these in a storyboard animatic style, it means there's anywhere from 3 to 4 times as many panels as I'd normally do on a comic page. Extra linework means I don't have the time for coloring, so this was the solution I worked with in including some kind of color that also assisted the story.

Thanks much for the comments!
txinaz edit delete reply
took you long enough to see her now what
ongakuken (Guest) edit delete reply
This is so cool, this comic is so cool and such a beautiful read. All this fluent movement, argh.
Awesome job!
So excited for what´s to come!