Comic 6 - IM Break 01
11th Dec 2013, 8:05 AM in Ascension
IM Break 01
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Author Notes:
LynxGriffin edit delete
Every once in a long while there may be IM conversation breaks such as this one. So, look out for those!
LynxGriffin edit delete
Shanti: Wonder if we’re gonna take off already.
Rachel: you’re gonna have to tell me how india is
Rachel: i bet it’s so prettyyyyy
Rachel: and smells real nice
Shanti: LOL yeah if we have the time to see any of it
Shanti: It’s a family trip, but you know we’re not going to see anything cool ‘cause mom will say she needs to work
Shanti: Plus she was born here so she doesn’t care. She’ll just complain.
Rachel: sucks
Shanti: Whatever, I guess I can write about it for a school assignment.
Shanti: Colleges like international stuff on their essays.
Rachel: guess so
Rachel: wish I could visit another country
Shanti: You should sometime!
Rachel: ya
Shanti: Hey, when I’ve got the money, I’ll buy you a ticket to India and we can go just the two of us, without my mom and her family
Shanti: Sound good?
Rachel: ya
Rachel: sounds great
Shanti: Awesome!
Shanti: You’d probably like India even more than I will.
Rachel: come on i’m sure you’ll like it a lot
Rachel: it’s like your homeland and stuff
Shanti: LOL, whatever!
Shanti: I mean I guess I should care, but I just can’t get that excited about it
Shanti: I’d probably like it better if it was just us two and not a family thing.
Shanti: Crap, the flight attendant lady is telling everyone to turn off our phones
Shanti: So I gotta put this away
Shanti: But just hang tight, okay? I’ll text as soon as I’m off the plane
Shanti: Should be in about eight hours I hope
Rachel: ok
Shanti: Gotta run, cya!
Rachel: hey shanti
-- Shanti is now AWAY --
Rachel: nvm
Rachel: tell u when u get back
Rachel: .... ..
User comments:
13blackhats edit delete reply
This is a quite nice comic so far but this page is really annoying me because I read significantly faster than the text appears ~900wpm. Contrarily, there are people that read much slower, too. You should have it so that text appears when you click an arrow or button or something.
LynxGriffin edit delete reply
Yeah, I've had someone else suggest that I provide just a text version of the IM convos for people that can't work with the Flash version, so I'll try and go back and add just a simple text version for people to click on in the future!
PBCEpicness edit delete reply
This is cool so far!