Comic 61 - Arc 1 - 56
11th Nov 2014, 6:00 AM in Ascension
Arc 1 - 56
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woohooligan edit delete reply
Beatiful work! :D

I'm not sure if I'm sold on the flash widget instead of a series of panels (laid out vertically I would imagine)... I think I'd rather scroll down to read it than click through the frames... but the work itself is gorgeous! :D
txinaz edit delete reply
I agree with Phoebus, the fun the is what happens on the way to the final destination. I think for the way that you do this strip, the series of panels would not do it justice.
Ross Boss (Guest) edit delete reply
skepa edit delete reply
WOW!!! I really love the style of this comic! feels like a movie :P, and the artwork :D :D love it, you really are talented!
sugarcane2225 (Guest) edit delete reply
Not only is Shanti herself breaking the laws of science, the Griffinside(I forgot his name)breaks the laws of science by living off of only water and sunlight while only getting 1 hour of sleep, which not only should not produce enough energy for several days of flight, but also imply that all sides are made out of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Unless they can do nuclear fusion, then that means they are the temperature of the SUN.