Comic 74 - Arc 1 - 69
10th Feb 2015, 6:00 AM in Ascension
Arc 1 - 69
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User comments:
Jarvi edit delete reply
Someone close :<
txinaz edit delete reply
lost love?
Icarus (Guest) edit delete reply

aside from my heart breaking suddenly, my brain also exploded from possible implications of someone else having ridden on his back before.
Jumbojet777 (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh god, nothing like getting blindsided by feels and then left on the side of a cliff. NEXT WEEK NEEDS TO BE HERE NOW.
CrystalCircle edit delete reply
;n; He had another rider at one point?
Tarmis edit delete reply
Love is in the air!
Lunabuna (Guest) edit delete reply
Not gonna lie, this strip was so touching, it made me cry. ;_; Such a happy moment after a long while of stressing only to have it come crashing to the ground once reality set in. I felt not only for Phoebus' clear loss but at the implication that in his head, he was enjoying himself with someone else and not her.

Gorgeous work, especially on Phoebus' hurt expression. Great stuff!
The Prince (Guest) edit delete reply
Someone has to point out that if 'twere Pandora's, it would be a sky amphora, not a skybox. };)
GameZone edit delete reply
Must be nice to be able to fly.