Comic 1 - Skybox Teaser
14th Nov 2013, 9:56 PM
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Author Notes:
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The Skybox launches on December 9th!

After over a year of prep, it’s finally ready! The Skybox is a brand new webcomic drawn and presented in the style of a storyboard animatic. The story begins with Shanti, an overworked and rather skeptical high schooler. En route to India for a family visit, her plane crashes, but she is saved by a creature calling itself a Gryphside. He claims that he cannot land, but that he can take her to a mysterious, roaming cube floating 45,000 feet in the air...a landing his kind call the Skybox.

The first 7-8 updates will be daily in order to get the story really rolling. Afterwards, the comic will be updated weekly.

So be sure to drop by Monday, December 9th when things kick off!